Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Friday, July 4, 2008

Vice President Humphrey Visit to Taipei

Les Duffin sent in these photos and comments:

I thought you might like these photos I took of Vice President Humphrey departing from Sung Shan Airport after his three-day visit to Taipei in January 1966.

You may notice, in the second shot, the TDC command aircraft just underneath the wing of Air Force 2.


Anonymous said...

Note the CAT (Air America) support vehicle!

Stev said...

Nice pictures Les. I don't remember the terminal building being nearly as modern as the building in your closeup of the Vice President. Of course, I was there a long time ago, so it could be my memory.

Don said...

Speaking of the terminal, I just remembered that there was no air conditioning in that building in 1973-74. There were electric rotating fans mounted on the columns inside the terminal, but they only turned them on when passengers were gathering for the next flight. They didn't help much, as I recall.

Don said...

In my last comment, I meant to say "oscillating fans" not "rotating." Obviously they were all rotating. That's what fans do.

Air America? I thought CAT stood for Coffee And Tea! ;-)