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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mystery Beach


Apparently some were having problems with the links that David provided in his comments (below), so he has provided this supplemental information:

1. Ruei Bin is located at Township of Ruei Fang, Taipei County.

2. Ruei Bin Beach today's look.!BBPynrSZHBZGV4RG5Yq5Edo-/photo?pid=0&next=2979&fid=2

The author said the beach used to be a sandy beach, but no more.
She also has a few photos of Ruei Bin's streets and shops.

3. A bird's-eye view of Ruei Bin Beach from hilltop in opposite direction.!lj.FZTuFFRnIGJMfu_p7V.ukDA--/photo?pid=680

4. more photos of Ruei Bin. (please scroll down to see.)

5. Highway 62 WanLi - RueiBin

6. a video clip of Ruei Bin Beach area.

Sarj writes:

This beach was a very popular Chinese beach. I remember the name as "Rae-Bin." I think it was about 1 1/2 to 2 hour drive and I remember that that we parked on the beach and got stuck.

It was very popular so someone should remember it. I checked a lot of beaches on-line but found none with a name like that or one that looked like this one. Maybe it became a resort and the name changed. Notice the food areas under cover and the very pretty mountains around the area.

Can anyone identify this beach? I found a pretty good article in the archives of the Taipei Times describing several beaches in the area, but it doesn't contain any photographs.


dchchen said...

The once-popular Ruei Bin Beach(瑞濱) had been closed years ago to make way for the highway consruction. I found a couple pictures in the internet. The first is what Ruei Bin Beach looks like today.!BBPynrSZHBZGV4RG5Yq5Edo-/photo?pid=0&next=2979&fid=2
(notation at the bottom of the photo says it used to be a sandy beach.)

The other picture is a bird's eyes view of the beach from the hilltop in the opposite direction.!lj.FZTuFFRnIGJMfu_p7V.ukDA--/photo?pid=680

BTW, I have been searching as well as asking for help in the internet for the name of the suspension bridge of your previous post. I have not heard anything yet.


sarj said...

David, something happened to the links, maybe they were cut short in the posting. I really would like to see the photos. Can you email them directly to me? Also I am wondering the location.
thanks you have been a great help.

Don said...

Thanks, David. The change in the landscape of that area is amazing. Time marches on.

sarj said...

Wow David......I would have never found this beach, because it isn't even there anymore. Who would've thought that they would have plowed it over for a highway. Progress I guess. Was this on the northeast coast?
thanks again

sarj said...

It's had to believe just how modern and advanced Taiwan as become. I knew when I lived there that things were changing very fast and that Taiwan was becoming the fastest growing economy in the world. It's such an amazing transformation. It's still BEAUTIFUL to me and always will be.