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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mystery Photos

From Sarj Bloom:

I think these were taken near Taichung.
At first I thought this was a temple but it looks more like a monument of some sort. On the one scene looking up at the wall with writing on it you can see what may be a cannon. One photo is of the steps going up and the other is another marker of sorts. The last one is looking out from the top of the walled monument.


Kuo-Hsin said...

The second photo is "sword well". It is in TiehChenShan near Taichung.

TiehChenShan was located to the northeast of Dajia Town. It was called “Tienchenshan” because it is black in color and looks like an anvil. Scenic Spots of the Tienchenshan Scenic Spot Area” are: sword well, Military Department Memorial Park, Guosing Temple, Sculpture Square, Chung Cheng Park, Yung Hsin Park, Cheng Chengkung Statue, Guanyin sculpture, etc.

The above information is copied from
There is a picture of the look now(sword well) in the web.

sarj said...

Kuo-hsin Wow, thanks so much for the info. It's been a long time since I took those photos and even my ex-wife can't remember all the places we went to sight see.
It looks in the photo on the link you sent that they have added a mural to it since the time I photographed it.
I assume the other photos are in the same area, but not sure.
Thanks so much.

dchchen said...

Interesting enough, the temple whose photos you posted on July 1 is also located in TieChenShan of Daja Town, Taichung County. The following website has a few of today's photos of the temple (Kuo Xing Temple.)!FPoT61yWGBvGyDGDVBS1H3I-/article?mid=10766

As you can see in the photos of the website, there are a few changes. The dome-shape roof is gone, but the wooden borad bearing the name of the god for the temple is unchanged. The dagon-carved columns, lion statues and the tiger-carved wall on the left of the entrance are still there.


sarj said...

thanks David for locating the temple. Now if someone could find out where the monument of pic one is.

Kuo-Hsin said...

The places of the first and last photos of your post are in Kuo Xing Temple. This web shows some pictures about Kuo Xing Temple. The last picture of this web also shows the same place in your post.

The picture of cannon is shown in here.

The picture of sword well is shown in here.

The place on all pictures in your post still exists now. I hope these materials can answer your doubts. The content of the webpage was written by Chinese. Sorry, I can't find the introduction written by English.

Kuo-Hsin said...

Please read this website carefully
The second picture of this website is same place with the third picture in your post.

sarj said...

Kuo-Hsin Wow! You found everything. Thank you very much. I only wish they had an english name for the monuments and temples. I did a lot of searching but couldn't find anything. I guess I would have to search in Chinese.
At the bottom of some of these pages is a picture of a man , is that you?
I'm so happy that now we have a record of these places past and present for everyone to see.
I noticed that a lot of improvements have been made to the sites, but there is no doubt they are the same places.
Stay tuned I have some other photos which maybe you can help ID.