Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Friday, July 25, 2008

A Few More Sarj Photos

Sarj sent me these photos of himself and his wife from the early 1960s. Though she and Sarj later went their separate ways, these excellent pictures show the beauty of Taiwan that we all remember.
The last three photos were taken at a beach where Sarj used to spend time. In the first of those three, you can see two water buffalo also spending some time at the beach.

Sarj writes:

I remember the mountain (Kaunin) as "Sleeping Beauty Mountain." I think it is supposed to resemble a woman lying down and her hair flowing. I never could exactly make it out but that's what I was told it was called. It was on the left as you were heading up to Grass Mountain. Anyway it was my favorite mountain range.


George said...


What a sweet and lovely photo of you and the wife along the river. I think that is Mount Kwan Yin in the background. Wonderful photos of the wife.


sarj said...

Thanks George....yeah it was a good time and we had many good years together as well as 4 wonderful children.

Misty said...

The top photo is taken on the road just outside Tamsui. It's a popular scenic spot.