Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Monday, February 15, 2010

Tien Mou in 1984 - Part 4

Les sent three more photos of Tien Mou that were taken during his 1984 trip, including the Tien Mou tree, which he said anyone who lived there would remember.

Though I didn't live there during my stay at USTDC, I hope these images bring back some happy memories for those who did.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so very much for the Taipei/Tien Mu memories. We drove back and forth on road 1 every day for almost 4 years. The road was 2lane then and, as Misty said, the shops were not on the same levels making walking along Road 1 an adventure.

Oh how we miss the Tien Mou BBQ. Have found a few BBQs locally but none have the little "breads" that we put the BBQ into.

Wish someone had a current photo of the Police Station in the cul de sac at the top of Road 1. We lived just to the left of that traffic circle, near the park.

Thanks so much again.

Jim Sartor

Anonymous said...

I sure would like to see the traffic circle with the police station also. I about two streets up the hill from the traffic circle and have been trying to find it on google earth and have not even come close.

Victor said...

The police station and the roundabout are still there, I believe. Please go to the street view of Google Maps to take a close look. The address of the police station is No. 192, Section 7, ZhōngShān North Rd, Shihlin District, Taipei City, Taiwan.
Most of the U.S. military houses from the roundabout through the entrance of the Tien Mou Park are gone except for one(No. 23 Lane 181 Section 7 ZhōngShān North Rd), which now becomes a historical site in Taipei. FYI

Anonymous said...

Thanks Victor for the picture of the old BOT house. We lived there for several years and they were then painted either BOT red or the BOT green and most had a Japanese built bomb shelter in the yard.

The windows leaked air so badly that every winter we had to have someone cover the windows with clear plastic.

Also, the amah or the yard boy had to fire up the water heater which was outside the house when we wanted hot water.

Jim Sartor