Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Around the Neighborhood

More from Les:

I took a look through the old slides again and found three more along Chung Shan North Road not far from the Ambassador Hotel that might stir some memories.  The Taiwan Cement Corporation headquarters and the old Japanese-style firehouse.

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Victor said... The Taiwan Cement Corporation(TCC) headquarters today from Google Maps. The location is probably the same as the one in the second photo, since its address is 113 Sec 2 Zhongshan(Chung Shan) North Road according to the website of the TCC , and the church next to the TCC headquarters shown in the second photo could be the Taiwanese Presbyterian Church, Shuang Lien, , whose address is 111 Sec 2 Zhongshan North Road. The Presbyterian Church used to be a 2-story building with a 5-story tower next to it during 1949-71, consistent with what is shown in the second photo.