Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Taipei Area Videos From The 1950s

John Quinn recently sent me links to these three great YouTube videos:


Victor said...

I think we have seen the same link(s) before.

sarj said...

Don Yeah I've seen these before and they sure show Taipei as I remember it, especially those crazy buses and small taxi cabs.
I've got another youtube link from around the same time and it shows the MIG 1765.
I went back in your archive and found a couple of post about the MIG but I couldn't find one I thought I sent you showing Admiral Melson viewing the aircraft?

George said...

The first video is dated 1966 in the text and has scenes of a fire at the Hsin Sheng Theater. The third video is dated 1963 in the text.

John said...

Great clips! The clips had my wife singing along with them. The third clip, of the celebrations, was actually sung in the Taiwanese dialect, sung to a Japanese tune. And who could not be roused to one's feet when Gimo spoke in the flick sarj wrote about. Gotta love it.