Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Growth of Taipei

Sarj Bloom has provided lots of great photos and narratives about his time at USTDC during the early 1960s.  He recently showed me a short time-lapse video that he put together of Taipei.  Here's how he describes it:

A while back I downloaded a photo of Taipei 101 with Kwan Yin Mountain in the background. It is such a beautiful photograph. Recently I took a look at one of the landscape photos that I took of the city and Kwan Yin Mountain and I thought they  must have been taken from near the same spot.

I called up the two images in PhotoShop and found that they were taken from the same area. The new photo was shot from a little higher angle, but when I matched up the mountain in the background you can see it was from the same distance.  It's like looking through time.  I think you will find it as interesting as I did.


Stev said...

Good job, Sarj. I'm impressed both with the change and how you tied it together.

sarj said...

Thanks Stev and maybe there's more to come. I contacted the gentleman that is the photographer of today's Taipei shots and he has a lot of photos and I am emailing him with some my other shots to see if they line up with some of his photos from today's Taipei. I'm excited to see if we can match them up to see the difference.

Victor said...

The photos are not taken on the hill nearby the (old) city zoo in Yuan-Shan(圓山). The location is probably Hsiang-Shan(象山 Mountain Elephant), a hill near the end of Hsin Yi Road(信義路) in Taipei.