Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Top of the Ambassador -- Continued

Here are a few more of the photos that Les shot from the roof of the Ambassador Hotel during the 1960s.  I'll post the rest of them tomorrow.




Bill said...

Great pictures, and many thanks to Les for sharing.
I arrived in early 73 and rememer the landscape was very similiar to the 1965 pictures. I also was in Taipei in 1970 on R&R and stayed at the Kings Hotel and went to a club saw the Sea Dragon....Does anyone know how when these places ceased to exist?
I also remember the Empress Hotel, but don't remember when it left us?
Pretty neat to see the Old Grand Hotel too.
I appreciatethe picures and hope more of them are submitted from time to time. I have visited a Shu Linkou site was has added much too info, I think people should check them. I think there are the 6987 Group?


Don said...

Bill, I've listed links to three sites related to Shu Linkou in the right hand column of this blog. There are also links to The Taipei Air Station blog and website. Lots of great photos and stories at all of them.


titojohn said...

Several people have mentioned the Empress Hotel. It's still in operation at the same location.

I went by the Empress last September while looking for an old friend that used to have a jewelry shop concession there. The hotel looked about the same as always. Here's a link to it's website:
Empress Hotel