Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ambassador Hotel

I just noticed this 1973 postcard on eBay of the Ambassador Hotel on Chung Shan N Road Sec 2.   I don't think I've seen this particular shot before.  I believe the camera was facing north and the HSA compound was several blocks ahead.

Here's an image from Google Maps at approximately the same location.   The hotel is just to your right.

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George said...

The differences I see are that the sidewalk has been narrowed and there is a side lane now versus no side lane back in the early 70's. There are actually very little differences in the exterior of the hotel versus when it was new back in 1964.

I spent many an evening in the Hotel's employee conference room back in 1966 teaching English to some of the hotel staff. My pay was not in dollars, but in reciprocal Mandarin lessons from them. The hotel was a quick walk from the HSA Compounds. Good memories...thanks for posting.