Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Boudicca's Voice

I received a very nice note from the author of a blog called "Boudicca's Voice" a day or two ago.  Her dad was assigned to USTDC and the family was in Taipei for a couple of years, up until the withdrawal of American forces.

She came across my article about the Grandee Hotel and  wrote a piece on her blog about her family's experiences there as they were preparing to leave Taiwan.  It's a fun read and you can find it HERE.  Oh, it would help you to know that TGOO is her father (The Great Omnipotent One).

In her email to me, she mentioned a Baskin Robbins in the east compound that her family often visited, but I'm fairly certain it wasn't there in 1973-74.  Believe me, old Don definitely would've remembered something like that.  Anyone know when it opened?


Bill-USACC said...

I think the ice cream store opened in 76. Around the time they closed the old snackbar in the other compound next to the bowling alley.

At that timethey built a new snack bar which connected to the PX and built a covered walkway which allowed you to walk undercover from the PX past the snackbar and ice cream store. It ended just across from the library/movie theater.

I always thought the old snackbar was better than the new one.

Don said...

Thanks, Bill. That would explain why I've never been able to remember a snack bar in the east compound. It was created a couple of years after I left.