Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ray's Mementos

I posted some comments from Ray Richardson a few days ago.  He was an Army E-5 who worked in the Command Center from March of 1978 until USTDC was closed in early 1979.

Ray sent me images of a few items that he brought home from Taipei.  The first two have to do with the Meritorious Unit Commendation that was awarded to USTDC for the period 1 May 1977 through 30 Apr 1979.

I hadn't thought about it before, but I wonder if the US Taiwan Defense Command received any other unit awards during its existence.  They would most likely have also been Navy awards.  Does anyone know of any others?

Next is Ray's certificate of Achievement for his time spent at USTDC.


Finally, here's the chop that he bought while there.  These were a very popular item with American military folks and they probably purchased hundreds (thousands?) of them over the years.

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Bou said...

I still have my chop. I also still wear my chop ring.

Actually, I was in Calculus class in college and the kid behind me was from Taiwan. I asked him to read my ring and tell me what it said. It wasn't a quiz against him, but I often wondered if the folks who made the rings would tell Americans, "Oh sure! This is what it says...", when instead it said something totally different; their own little inside joke. Anyway, my ring definitely says my name.

I also use this as an example of how the average woman achieves her full height by age 13. My hands have not changed size in 31 years.