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Friday, June 5, 2009

Taiwan Appearance Standards in 1970

This is from the Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald of June 30, 1970. It warned that foreigners who arrived in Taipei wearing hippy-style hair and clothing may be deported.

I didn't know any military guys who wore women's clothing or shoes (ouch!), as far as I can remember, but then I didn't get out that much either.

Peace, y'all.


George said...

The British Invasion was in full force during my tour of duty 1965 -1967. I remember one Navy shipmate who tried to sport a Beatles Style Hairdo and was promptly escorted by the Bosun Mate to the Signal Compound Barber Shop. American dress styles were changing, but Taiwan was not following the fads until much later.

Don said...

During my tour in 73-74, I remember that I had at least a couple pair of double-knit pants. One of them was a really bright plaid and I often wore them with a bright yellow shirt -- and I was about 30! Must have looked like Bozo the clown.

I suppose the styles in the 70s weren't all that bad compare to some of today's stuff. At least we wore our pants somewhere in the vicinity of our waists instead of close to our knees.

titojohn said...


Thanks for my best laugh of the day! Picturing you in your "Bozo" outfit made me laugh out loud. :)