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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Double Knits

I mentioned earlier that I sometimes wore double knit pants when I was off-duty in Taipei. Hey, it wasn't really my fault. Lots of guys wore double knits in the early seventies, right? Can I see a show of hands?

I also mentioned that I had a bright plaid pair at the time but I didn't mention that they were bell bottoms with wide cuffs (Cue up the calliope).

I never did own a leisure suit, but I'm thinking about getting one now, moving to Florida, and complaining about politicians full time. I think that maybe something in a powder blue, accessorized with white shoes and belt, matched with a polyester shirt with oversize collar would just about do it. Add a thick gold chain or two and I'm ready.

Anyway, all of this jogged my memory regarding double knits at TDC. I don't recall that any of the Army, Marine or Air Force guys wore them, but I do remember that several of the Navy guys wore tailored double knit whites to work. They really looked sharp, but I often wondered how often they had to have them cleaned.

These fashion statements would have been during 1973-74, but I assume they were still doing it a few years before or after as well. Does anyone remember double knit uniforms?

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, yes I remember the double knits! Even had a leisure suit or two.

Had Tailor Lu make me a set of Navy dress blues in double knit.

Disco and double knit, two fads that deserve to be gone.

Jim Sartor