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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Linkou Hotel Mystery Solved

Yesterday I posted a photo from Thomas and Linda Greth that was taken during the period 1965-1969 and showed what was supposedly The Linkou Club and the Hotel Linkou, but I didn't recognize anything in the photo.

John Quinn commented that it was actually the back side of those facilities. That was confirmed by Roger Lentz who maintains the 6987th Security Group website (Shu Linkou Air Station). He had this to say:

Here’s a 1970 shot of the Linkou Club and the Hotel Linkou next door on the left. The BB Club was next to the Hotel Linkou.

The photo was taken by Steve Swallom and is posted on our 6987th Shulinkou website.

The photo on your blog Monday, June 22, is a “rare” shot taken in the alley behind the Linkou Club and Hotel Linkou. The shot shows the rear of the Linkou Club and “Employees Only” parking area and the Hotel Linkou’s parking area on the far right.

The Linkou Club’s red door and stairs in the photo was the rear (emergency) exit for the club’s upstairs lounge.
I don’t recall walking back there during my tour...I’m sure it’s the first time I’ve ever seen the rear of the Linkou Club.

After looking at this photo, I suddenly remembered that the Hotel Linkou (to the left of the club) is where I stayed when I first arrived in Taipei in 1973. It was only about a ten minute walk to TDC from there. After a fairly short time -- maybe a couple of weeks -- I moved to the hostel, which was about 90 degrees to the left of this photo and just past the entrance to the east compound. I stayed there for the rest of my 15 month tour. Once or twice I considered getting an apartment, but it was cheaper and a lot more convenient to stay where I was.

I think I visited the BC Club once, on a Saturday afternoon with my buddy Larry Sherman. I remember that one of the hostesses walked over and stirred my drink with her finger and I decided that it was time to move on. Like me, Larry was also a bit of a germaphobe and he often joked about that day. I don't know where Larry is today, but I'll bet he still remembers the finger in the drink incident!

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