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Friday, April 17, 2009

More Roma Hotel

Barb just sent me a couple of photos taken in the late 1970s. She wrote:
I found these two pictures in my stash of stuff. We were traveling on Ming Tsu East Rd (probably in front of that book store where I got all my cook books) getting ready to make a left hand turn (to go north) onto Chung Shan N. The first scan shows the intersection and you can see the Roma Hotel on the left. The second scan is a closer shot of the Roma Hotel as we were turning left (north) onto Chung Shan N. Rd.
There are a couple of things that I noticed about these pictures. At the left border of the first photo, at the hotel's ground level, you can just make out what looks like a dark square area. If you zoom in on it you'll see that it is a partial image of Romulus and Remus, the mythological founders of Rome. I have included the full image at the bottom of this post. I was beginning to wonder if my memory had faded even more than I thought because nobody else seemed to remember that. But sure enough, there it was in this pic.

In the second photo, as Barb and Walt were making their left turn to head toward the compound, I noticed that they were turning in front of oncoming traffic. One of the first things I noticed about Taipei traffic was that when lights turned green at intersections, the first few cars waiting to turn left always pulled in front of the oncoming traffic. The oncoming traffic would creep forward and after a few cars made their turn (was there some magic number?), the oncoming traffic would continue across the intersection. I've often wondered if they still operate under that system, which seemed to work pretty well for all concerned.


Flyboy said...

Now the Roma Hotel is Hai Bah Wang(Sea Overlord) seafood resturant. No left turn is allowed in this intersection.

Flyboy said...

This intersection is the same on the second picture of the article "More on the Linkou Club Annex"

Don said...

After looking again at all these photos -- the recent ones as well as the older ones posted earlier -- I believe that there must have been some demolition and construction at that intersection.

First of all, the earlier photo of the Linkou Annex doesn't appear to be the same building as the one on the right in Barb's photos. It looks exactly like the building that Kenneth photographed just a few days ago (the one I said had the "bluish" windows." I believe that there must have been some demolition and construction there sometime between 1974 when I left and 1979 when Barb took these photos.

Also, I assume that those angled structures at the intersection are underground crosswalks. I'm fairly certain that they were not there in 73-74 because I remember crossing those intersections on foot.


Misty said...

Underground walkways, Yes. They were a flawed idea because every typhoon and they would flood.

On the Northern corner of the Roma hotel used to be a very small sporting goods shop. I think called Jans.

Bill said...

The underground walkways were there in 73 when I arrived on island. However, you could still cross the streets above ground. And Misty is correct about the sporting goods store.
I remember the driving very well, it was always the battle of the one who had the most nerve.
I drove a small honda and always just crept out in traffic always made your turn, even if the light turned red on you.

Anonymous said...

do you have more photos of the Hotel Roma from 1973 1974. I stay there for 2 days 1973 and 1974. also I would like to see current photos if you have them I would appreciate if you would post them thank you.

Don said...

Anonymous: Type "Roma Hotel" in the search box at the top of this page and you'll find some other shots of the building, including one that shows it today. I'm told that it hasn't been a hotel for many years.