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Friday, April 10, 2009

E.M. Club in Kaohsiung

I recently received a request from Bob Morton about the enlisted club in Kaohsiung. It's off-topic for this blog, but I thought I'd post part of it here to see if anyone can help.

He wrote: "I was fortunate enough to spend several months in Kaohsiung during two westpac cruises in the early 70's. Do you have any information on the E.M. club in Kaohsiung? I believe it was also called the Sea Dragon Club. Even the address or street that it was on would be helpful."

If you can help, either post a response here or drop me an email and I'll forward it to Bob.

(Public domain photo of 1973 Kaohsiung from Wikipedia)


gene said...

I think you are correct. I beliece it was called the Sea Dragon Club, but it was for all ranks. I believe it was a 3 storie building. Top floor was a dance floor, the 2nd floor was a restraunt and there was a barbershop and small BX on the first floor. Try Goolge Earth: Lat 22.630144, Lon 120.283978 on Cisian 3 rd Road Kaohsiung.

Anonymous said...

I have an old receipt from the Sea Dragon Club dated August 1974. Would be glad to send it to anywhere via email.

Anonymous said...

I spend a lot of time in Kaohsiung doing contract work and am a retired Navy SCPO. I have looked for this place on numerous occasions and have yet to find it. If it is near Wufu # 4 road, in southern Kaohsiung, then it is no longer there.

Anonymous said...

I was the manager of this club during 1965&66. I arrived in Kaohsiung in 1964 and worked in the small exchange store in this club before being assigned to the main exchange. In 1965 I was assigned as the Club Manager of what was then simply called the EM Club. About 30 of us sailor's decided to compete in the annual Dragon Boat Races in either 65 or 66. We took first place in our division while wearing Navy White Uniform Pants with White T-shirts. The T-shirts had the Chinese Characters for "Sea Dragons" emblazoned on the back. Additionally we wore coulee hats that had been painted dark blue and had gold spangles affixed to them. This was the event that changed the name of the club forever more. I doubt that the old building is still there. Was used by the Japanese forces during there occupation as an officer's club, or so I was told by some of my employees at the time. I had 63 host national employees. The first floor housed the shore patrol offices at the entry and then further back were warehouses, walkin freezers and coolers. Also a carpenter shop, paint shop and the electricians shop. Second floor housed the offices, retail store, slot and pinball machines and the Blue Room which was for E6 and above from the fleet and all stationed personnel in civilian clothes. We experimented with an officer lounge on this floor but did not work well. Third floor was the dance floor and bandstand with a huge walkup service bar. Fourth floor was a restruant and another bar. I also had a bedroom and bathroom off the office on the 2nd floor. It was a very intersting time in my career and I loved every minute of it.

Roger Ramsey
Sunriver, OR

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


William L. McCarnan said...

served on USS O'Brien DD 725 and during Taiwan Patrol 1965 they had a country singer perform @ em club. Does any body remember who it was.