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Friday, April 3, 2009

Bootleg Phonograph Records

Jim Sartor recently made a comment about the record albums that you could buy at places like the Lin Kou Bookstore, shown here as it was in the 1970s. Someone else mentioned that the bookstore is now called "Caves."

Jim wrote:
Does anyone remember buying those knockoff LPs at the bookstore? They were 10NT each and were made in various colors and were transparent. We soon caught on that they were only good for a couple of plays before losing whatever quality they had. The secret was to buy them, take them home and immediately copy them onto your reel to reel tapes and then throw the LPs away.
I sometimes browse eBay for Taiwan related things and I just discovered that you can still find those bootleg albums for very little money (probably more than they're worth!). If you do a search on anything like "taiwan record" at the site, you'll likely find several like this one.

Note the "Xerox" quality photograph on the reverse side of the album cover. That was typical of any photos in the knockoff books as well.


Jim said...

I still have hundreds of them boxed up in the garage. We used to love how the Chinese "interpreted" the lyrics that were transcribed on the back cover in most cases. Some of them were so off base that we would sing the "alternate" lyrics just for fun. A Chinese classmate at TAS once told me that a lot of Taiwanese learned English by listening to Western music.
"Ray rady ray, ray acloss your big blass bed.."!

Anonymous said...

I still have mine of the Beatles in Orange!! And of Course our band from the Teen club in Tien Mou from 1967. with thier hit Gotta get Bent mentioning Shelly Keach. Anyone remember her??

ynpguy said...

Hey Jim - should you ever want to unload those LP's or just reclaim space in your garage, feel free to hit me up, I'd pay your fair price for them. I collect these Taiwan pressings. Can't help it, Dad and uncles (4) started in during the Vietnam war, I just continued the collection.