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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

More on the Linkou Club Annex

A few days ago we had a discussion about the location of the Lin Kou Club during the 1970s. Today I have a few more photos of interest.

Good old Kent, over at the Taipei Air Station blog, sent these photos from one of his posts from last year titled A Walk on a Cool Saturday Morning in Taipei Part 2.

The first one is facing east on Minzu East Road. On the left is the old Roma Hotel building and across the street to the right, behind the bus, is the Lin Kou Club building.
This recent shot is also facing east with the hotel to the left. Kent was probably standing right next to the bookstore when he snapped this one. You can see the 7-Eleven sign on the corner building to your right.
This shot, probably from the 1970s, shows the entrance to the Lin Kou Club. This would be facing east toward the airport.

Kenneth in Taipei provided these shots of the area that were taken very recently. The first one is facing west on Minzu East Road near the Jhongshan North Road intersection. You can see the Caves (former Lin Kou) bookstore building on the far left corner of that intersection. I think the Lin Kou Club was located approximately where you see the building with the bluish colored windows. You can see the 7-Eleven sign on the next building down. I'm assuming that the club's building was probably demolished.
This shot was taken from approximately the same location, but it shows the northeast corner of the old Roma Hotel. Just to the right of this short street (that cuts through to Jhongshan North Road) is where the HSA East Compound was located.

Finally, this aerial shot shows that shortcut to Johngshan North Road. Just above it is the park where the East Compound (and the old Lin Kou Club?) used to be.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this Don. I always wondered where the Linkou club was. I walk past that area every once and awhile.

There is really nothing there now except one discount sporting good shop. (blue window building).

There is also a very old restaurant called "Burger Queen". It looks like it is from the military times, but I don't think its possible.

Btw, the Caves Bookstore just relocated to that building last year (or the year before). For the past 15+ years it was on Chung Shan N.Road. (south about a block and across the street).

titojohn said...

I remember the Caves Book Store was located on Chung Shan N. Road just where Anonymous said it was located. I believe it was there in
'62 when I first arrived in Taipei.


Misty said...

I think Caves moved about a bit or had more than one outlet. I remember one on the corner of Lin Sen Bei Lu, near the President Hotel as well but this must have been later, I guess in the 80s.

Anonymous said...

I have to inform that Caves has already moved from Chungshan N Road. I think somewhere in Minchuan but I dont have all the details I will call up tomorrow to them and get more information and put for all friends to see the new caves book store new location