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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sea Dragon Club -- Revisited

Bill Thayer wrote regarding the Sea Dragon Club that I mentioned a few days ago:

Don, I saw your posting on the Sea Dragon Club. As I mentioned before, I was the Army personnel officer from Jan, 1973 until December, 1977.

I do not recall that they called it the Sea Dragon Club; we used to just refer to it as the FRA Club meaning Fleet Reserve Association Club. The FRA Club had moved to Tien Mou during that time. I spent many, many rowdy Friday and Saturday nights playing high-stakes blackjack in the upstairs room of the FRA club during that time. I think they had about five to ten tables upstairs and the deal rotated to the winner.
As best I can describe the location, it was located off the circle just before going into Tien Mou. Coming from Taipei in order to get to the former location of the Taipei American School, one would go around the loop bypassing the continuance to go to the BOT Housing area, bear right and go down about one block or a block and a half to TAS. Coming from the BOT Housing in Tien Mou headed toward Taipei there was a circle or traffic island and you would proceed about fifty yards and bear right to go to Taipei American School. I'm calling it a circle, but it could have been a large traffic island. The FRA Club was located about one block or a block and a half from the old Taipei American School location.

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