Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Sunday, January 18, 2009

McCauley Beach Picnic 1978

Barbara Auch and her husband Walt worked together at USTDC as cryptologic technicians from April 1978 to April 1979. Two earth-shattering events occurred during that period: the Lanhsu earthquake and the riots that occurred when President James Earl "Jimmy" Carter recognized Peking as the "True China."

Barbara has shared some great information with me about the immediate impact that Carter's announcement had on many US military personnel in Taipei and I will post that tomorrow.

Shown below is a photograph of Barbara and Walt (to her right) at a community-wide picnic at McCauley Beach in 1978. She wrote:

As I recall, it was a typical Taiwan day: HUMID. The picnic was for all military people and I really enjoyed that day, eating burgers, watching kids playing and their parents laughing...a pretty typical American picnic (except for the water buffalo of course).

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