Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

1960 Taipei Map

*** Updated 8 May 2008 ***

This map of Taipei was probably created around 1960 and was provided by Sarj Bloom (USTDC Sept '60 thru Sept '63). As with all images here, just click on it to see an expanded version. The original image is about sixteen inches by thirteen inches. You can view and download the full size image here (43 MB file). Just click on the Download Image bar to the right of the page when you get there.

The map was annotated to show many government and military locations of the time and all of the embassies.

I was pleased to see that USTDC was located pretty close to where I thought it was (see section H2). Note that MAAG was at three different locations: Army, Navy, and Air Force.

Many of you have contributed a great deal of valuable information and photographs since I first launched this blog during July, 2007. This map is a good example of historical information that is just not readily available anywhere else.

Many thanks to Sarj and to all of you!


Misty said...

Great map. Would it be possible to get it in a high resolution?

Here's a link to another map made in 1944. (Open the Taihoku-Matsuyama map for Taipei)

If you have google earth you can overlay these maps on to the current Taipei map. It's incredible just how much has changed.

Don said...

Misty, I really like the 1944 map that you provided! I want to give it a closer look later, but I noticed right away that much of the east compound was rice paddies.

George said...

Misty, Don,

If you look just under the letter "M" on the Meiji Bashi (Yuan Shan Bridge) you will see a few black buildings. I wonder if any of those were the USTDC building, or at least they are on the same site..or was that building there in 1944? History is great, noticing all of the names are in Japanese..wonder if this map was used for bomb planning....I know Kaoshiung was heavily bombed due to the port there, but wonder if there were any bombings in Taipei itself?

Misty said...

The buildings in black appear to be significant/strategic Japanese buildings. One of them is still standing next the old bridge and is today called the Taipei Story House. There was another large Japanese house just behind it that was used as the American club in the '70s and I'm wondering if this is the larger building. I remember the building being significant in size.

Did you notice that the POW camp is near where the Navy MAAG was?

Also, how the rivers have been diverted near Shilin?

Yes, Taipei was bombed during the war. The old railway hotel was destroyed. You may remember the location as that of the old Hilton hotel oposite the train station.

Roger said...

Taipei did sustain damage from allied bombing toward the end of WWII...

During the Second World War, the Presidential Office Building suffered heavy bombing from the Allied Powers and was severely damaged. On May 31, 1945, during an American air raid on Taipei, bombs hit the front left side, main lobby, and northern sections of the Taiwan Governor-General's Office. The fire burned for three days, damaging large parts of the building. Forty-five days after the air raid, Japan surrendered. "Wikipedia".

Anonymous said...

First time to leave a words in here.

I am a Taiwanese and served in Taiwan MP form '87 to '89 at MPHQ where was the HSA east compound in '60. I read your blog for a long time becouse there are many photos of Taipei which also a part of my chlid time.

Resently, I am looking for the old map of Taipei and found it in your blog. I try to get the full size(43 MB file) of your map but it seems the link is missed.

It will be very kindly for me if you can re-link the map.


Don said...

Apparently there is a problem with the server where the map was stored. I am trying to get that corrected and I will post a note here when it is fixed.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kindness.

Here is the picture of HSA east compound in 1988, as the HQ of Taiwan MP.

You can see the Ground hotel in backround.


Don said...

Facich,those are very interesting photos. I am trying to determine where those buildings were located (compared to what was there previously) and which direction the camera is facing.

Do you recall if the USTDC building was still standing at that time? Do you happen to know if it was used for anything after 1979 or when it was torn down?

I have been unable to find any storage sites that will allow me to store that large map file (45MB) that you asked me about. I'm still looking and will leave a post if I am able to find one.


Anonymous said...

Here is the Google Earth picture which I show the two buldings in those photos located(red block) and what the camera direction(red arrow) is.

I have no idea about the USTDC building until I read your blog, even I served in the same Garrison for two years.

When I was in MPHQ of Taiwan(1987), the USTDC building was not there. The place became the back entrence of MPHQ for trash truck.

The only building left at my time was the HSA SPECIAL SERVICES(No.11 in the map), as the medical station of MPHQ. Where was the place I served as an MP Combat medic.


Don said...

The link to the large map in the original post is no longer working.

You can download the file (45MB) from:

Depending on your connection, the download may take several minutes.


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. I had already download the map.

Thanks again.


Anonymous said...

Australia didn't have an ambassy in Taiwan back in the 60s? or did UK ambassy looks after Australian affair in Taiwan onbelahf?

James of Sydney, Australia

Don said...

I haven't read it in detail, but I think this link will answer your question:


R. Chatham said...

I was a US Navy dental technician with the USNSupport Activity, Taipei in 1959 - 1961. I don't see the Navy hospital on the West Compound map. The hospital moved to Tien Mou in 1960. I assume these maps were produced after that.