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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


During the past few days, I have been made aware of numerous SPAM messages that appear to be coming from my email address (ustdc [at]  They are not coming from me.  I've been receiving the same emails.

The messages all have attachments, probably virus-infected, and some of them also have links, probably to malicious websites.

I understand that bogus emails like these usually come from a virus-infected computer -- in this case one that has my email address in its owner's email address book.  It then sends emails to everyone else in that address book.  If you do not have a CURRENT anti-virus program with up-to-date virus definitions on your computer, these messages could easily be coming from you.  Please check it out to be sure.

If you receive an actual email from me, the text will always include your name and it will always be regarding something specific that both you and I know about.  If you receive anything else that seems to be coming from me, just delete it.


My anti-virus program constantly protects and scans my hard drive.  Just to be sure these messages weren't coming from me, I just ran a complete scan of the entire drive.  There were no viruses or trojans found.  I have also changed my Yahoo! mail password just in case.  Once again, these bogus emails are not coming from me.

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