Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Chen Family Photos - Part 1

Scott also sent me several photos from the Chen family.  Major Chen was Commander of the Honor Guard at the time these photos were taken during the early 1960s.   You can see there were many different VIPs, U.S. Generals and Admirals.

More photos will follow tomorrow.


Victor said...

I don't suppose the photos were taken during the early 1960s, since there are only 48 stars on the US national flag. Alaska was formally granted statehood on Jan 3, 1959, and thus perhaps the photos were actually taken in the late 1950s?

新聞老鳥 said...

In the bottom photo, the Chinese official accompanying an American General inspecting honor guards is Dr. Wu Kuo Chien(吳國楨,K.C. Wu).

K.C. Wu, Oct 21st 1903 -- June 6th 1984

1926, Prinston University Phd

1932, Mayor of Hankow City, Hu-Bei Province(湖北省漢口市市長)

1939, Mayor of Chung Chin City, Szechwan(四川省重慶市市長)

1942, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Department(外交部政務次長)

1946, Mayor of Shanghai City(上海市市長)

1949, Governor of Taiwan Provincial Government(台灣省政府主席)

May 24th 1953, Exiled to USA until his passing away.

I think the photo was shot before May 1953 when Dr. Wu was Governor of Taiwan Provincial Government.

Great Picture, great Memory

Wang Chun

新聞老鳥 said...

In the second photo, the Chinese official with sun glasses is Yu Da-Wei (俞大維)

Yu Da-Wei, January 11th 1987 --- July 8 1993

1920, Harvard University Phd.

1926, Berlin University Phd

May 16th 1946 -- February 8th 1949, Minister of Transportation

May 27th 1953 -- January 13th 1965, Minister of Defense Department

Evidently, this photo was taken when Mr. Yu was Minister of Defense Department.

Wang Chun

新聞老鳥 said...

As for the third photo, I'm not sure who is the Chinese Air Force high-ranking officer pointing his left hand forefinger to his mouth. But, according to his silhouette, I guess this figure probably is General Wang Shu Ming (王叔銘).

Wang Shu Ming, nickname Tiger Wang (王老虎), November 16 1905 -- October 28 1998

March 1952 -- July 1957 General Commander of Chinese Air Force

July 1957 -- June 29th 1959 , Commander of JCS

April 1972 -- May 1975, Ambassador to Jordan

Wang Chun

新聞老鳥 said...

In the fourth photo, the Chinese General saluting honor guards is Sun Li-Yen (孫立人)

Sun Li-Yen, December 8 1900 -- November 19 1990

1925, Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Purdue University

1927, graduated from Virginia Military Institute, VMI

March 17 1950 -- June 24 1954 General Commander of Chinese Army.

August 1955, Allegedly got involved in an abortive rebellion and had been house-arrested for more than 30 years.

Wang Chun