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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Patricia Linder

Patricia Linder, wife of the late Rear Admiral James Linder, recently notified me that her website now includes several photographs of her recent trip to Taipei.  As I wrote earlier, she spoke at the opening of the American Footsteps in Taiwan exhibit there.

The website also includes video of her television interview in Taipei, during which she discussed many of her Taiwan experiences during 1977 to 1979 when her husband was the Commander of the U.S. Taiwan Defense Command.  Her website is at

I've long recommended her book "The Lady and the Tiger" which is available at Amazon for about US$20.00.  Not only did I find it an interesting and entertaining read, but historically significant as well.


Ed said...


I almost finish that book. It is a great book beyond the words can describe. I stumbled on your TDC website and I think it is a wonderful work of what you did for an unique aspect of American experience.

Ed Loh
Pasadena, CA -

Anonymous said...

This is Brian again, Taiwan Marine Corps. I have watched the TV interview and seen the pictures. Interestingly, I happened to see couple of guys who I have worked with before in the pictures. It not only brought me back to Taiwan but also to the history. I was so emotional when Mrs. Linder talked about the Taiwanese sentiment toward them when they were about to leave Taiwan. I can understand the hard feelings. Back to that old days, you were like the only friend who cared about us, helped us and defended us. The relationship with US were much closer than that with China. Suddenly, you all had to leave, the picture when Mrs. Linder depicted was just like a mom was forced to leave her kids. That's sad.
It's good to see Mrs. Linder visiting Taiwan. Hope you all are doing all right, healthy and happy forever.

miss anti-perfection said...


I saw your website by chance while I was researching for a story I write for a local newspaper about the Taiwanese army after WWII. I'm ashamed as a native Taiwanese and not knowing the history back then from top to botoom. All I know is the US used to base in Taiwan...which is pretty much about it. Your blog is very informative and a joy to read. And I'll check out the book you recommended, thanks again for keeping the site