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Saturday, December 18, 2010

American Footsteps in Taiwan Images

Lieutenant Colonel Scott Ellinger just sent me several great pictures of the American Footsteps in Taiwan exhibition that opened in Taipei on December 17th.  You can read about the event on the AIT website and there is a Chinese account on Yahoo News.

Patricia Linder was one of the speakers at the opening ceremony, traveling from her home here in the States for the occasion.  Her husband was Rear Admiral James Linder, the last Commander of USTDC.  I have long recommended her book "The Lady and the Tiger," an account of her experiences during their assignment in Taiwan.

Many of you will see some familiar photographs and memorabilia on display.
The USTDC emblem that was mounted on the building
Mrs Linder and President Ma
Mrs Linder addresses the audience

 The exhibition will continue through January 24th.  If you live in Taiwan, especially anywhere near Taipei, you'll certainly want to drop by the National Central Library and view this amazing collection of historical items and information.


Audrey Deng said...

The history of USTDC during 1955-1979 is exactly and very important to Taiwan Island and the people of Taiwan. All the people of Taiwan should remember it and never forget it, especially, also should tell their children and grandchildren.

Gone, but not forgotten....


titojohn said...

Don, thanks to you and Scott for the pictures. Please keep them coming!

Scott said...


There will be more photos on the way. I will go back again and take photos of every section.

Scott Ellinger

minnie said...

This is a wonderful exhibit of paramount importance. It is very attractive and full of memories. Thank you for the effort you put forth into this Scott. I'm sure this will be very successful. I am proud of my parents retaining these items and for Scott and everyone who contributed to the cause. I have put this on Face book for my children and grandchildren. In reviewing the presentation, brings tears to my eyes for the longing to go back to that time of my life.

Audrey Deng said...

Today, my friend called me and told me that an old church near CCK Air Base in Taichung city re-opened recently and there are the articles regarding USTDC displaying there.

Does anyone know about this news?

Or, can anyone get any photo picture and information about the church near CCK Air Base?

Audrey Deng

titojohn said...

Audrey, I think the information about the CCK church you are looking for will be found in the Taipei Air Station blog: