Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kind Words

Every now and then I receive an email that just makes my day.  This very nice note from Mr Qian S T was one of those.

I am a foreign Chinese and a frequent traveler to Taiwan in the 70s. 
I write to submit my humble thanks to you people for the enormous contribution and personal sacrifice you all made to underwrite and bolster democratic rule for the Chinese race, without which the entire Chinese race would have long since been subjugated under godless tyranny of the Chicoms. My profound gratitude.  

And thanks for the great nostalgic fotos of Taipei in the 60s-70s

Long Live America. Truly you guys live up to your credo:  Land of the Free and Brave.  

Your courage, conviction and sacrifice has changed the face of this Earth for the better.  Without you guys Earth would have developed into a nightmarish vision of one-third USSR, one-third Nazi Reich and one-third Japanese Empire.

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