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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

US Military Housing In Taipei

I've written several times previously about the American military housing areas in the Taipei area.  Today I received an interesting link from Klaus Bardenhagen, a German reporter who lives and works in Taipei.  You can view his website (with a link to his blog) at

The link he provided is to an article in Taipei City's tourism magazine titled, "The US Military’s Cold War Housing in Shanzihou & Tianmu."  It goes into some detail about the architecture of the old structures and how they were perceived by local citizens.


Misty said...

That's an interesting and very sympathetic article. The focus is very much on the BOT housing however. There's still a lot of other housing connected with MAAG and USAID which doesn't get covered.

quinn said...

i wish someone could post or tell me how to find possible pics of the house i used to live in in yanminshan. if you knew where the Japanese amb residence was there was a lane right before the entrance to his house and ours was about a 1/4 mile down the end of that lane where at that time it dead ended in 2 cul-de-sacs.

Klaus said...

@quinn: You mean current pics? Have you tried Google Maps/Street View?

老屋傳奇 said...

Quinn :
I made a map out lined all Quarters,
I will mail this map to Don with the house number list, so you can have a better view, please tell me the year that you lived here,
please also contact Helan at TAS Alumini too.