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Sunday, May 2, 2010

TDC Nooners League

I've written once or twice about the TDC Nooners League.  We bowled one day a week (Wednesdays, I think) as part of our physical training program (honest!).  During my time it was common for several of us to stop off at the China Seas (Club 63) after bowling.  Some at TDC who weren't bowlers just avoided the hassle of organized exercise altogether and went straight to the club for their PT.

My team was called Granny's Guys, named after that old cartoon character in Playboy, and our shirts had her image embroidered on the back -- very tastefully done, of course.  Office mate John Cranford (Army) was on my team, along with DOD civilian Larry Marcum.  I believe there was an Air Force major whose name escapes me, and probably one or two other guys.

I just received these two photos from Vic Gerlach, who arrived at TDC around the time I left.  He was also in J-1 (Personnel) and became a Nooners League member.  His team was called the Combines and the shirt was made by Mr. Loo the tailor, as I think most of them were at the time  It's exactly like mine...except for Granny of course.

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