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Saturday, May 15, 2010

TDC Chiefs of Staff -- Update

During the past three years I've tried to assemble an accurate list of all the Air Force brigadier generals who served as USTDC Chief of Staff.  Some of them were fairly easy because their official Air Force biographies showed when they assumed that position.  But a few of them were just my best guess, usually because their biographies mentioned only that they were assigned there, but didn't specify when.  That was the case with  Brigadier General William G. Lee Jr., and I listed him as being assigned there in 1957.  It now appears that I guessed wrong.

Today I found a biography for Major General Harold Huntley Bassett (photo at left), which shows he was assigned as USTDC Chief of Staff in 1957, so I replaced General Lee with General Bassett.  Bill Thayer recently provided confirmation that General Lee departed TDC during 1960.

My updated list of USTDC Commanders and Chiefs of Staff can be found here.  I'm sure the list of admirals is incomplete but I've never been able to locate an on-line archive of flag officer biographies like the Air Force has.  If you spot any other errors or omissions, please let me know.

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Zhuxiu said...

Any ideas where I might find a list of US Naval Attaches to the ROC? When I was stationed there in 1963-64, the Naval Attache was a Navy Captain who had also attended Chinese language school in Monterey. However, I cannot recall his name.