Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Linkou Annex Menu

I received a note from Ted Walker, who was an ETR2 in J-6 at TDC from April 1968 to July 1969. He talked about how much he enjoyed his tour and how he's still in touch with several swabbies from back in the day. He also enjoyed working with the Army techs and communicating via TTY with the folks on Grass Mountain.

He mentioned that HSA had a rugby squad and several guys from TDC, including Ted, played for the team. Are those bumper stickers right when they say it takes leather balls to play rugby? Just wondering.

Anyway, he sent along some scans of a few pages from the Linkou Club food menu. Sorta makes your mouth water, doesn't it? Of course I'm talking about the prices. The food was pretty good too!


George said...

I seem to clearly remember 1966 sitting in the Linkou Annex (when it was on Chung Shan N. Rd) enjoying a floor show and sharing a pizza and beer with several buddies. That was some great pizza at a reasonable price. Look at those prices - what memories!

ma pi said...

Sure enough! Those prices looked envious compared to today's prices. Especially as an E-4 making $366 per month before tax, with estranged, wife & kids Stateside, lol. Anyways, I usually party all night long in the Linkou Annex, dancing to those Filipinos Bands. Drinks were 10 or 15 cents. Starting on a Friday after work to an excellent breakfast in the AM. Get back to the hostel, front building for the three s's. Eat lunch in the little dinette there, then off to the 63 Club (Liu-San-JuLeBu) for more good times for sure. Pete

ma pi said...

That "Saturday Special Menu" of "Grilled Sirloin Stick(sic)" with the fixings, sure sounds like a bargain at .75 cents. You just 'can't beat that with a stick', lol.