Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Google Steet View In Taipei

I noticed this morning on Michael Turton's View From Taiwan blog that the folks at Google are collecting and publishing their Street View images of Taipei. They're actually in the process of covering much of Taiwan, but they've already covered most of the capital city.

If you're not familiar with Street View, you just point your browser to and then -- in this case -- enter this string in the box and press the Search Maps button: Section 3, Jhongshan North Rd, Jhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 104. That will give you this image. That "A" marker is almost exactly at the former entrances to the east and west HSA compounds.

Place your cursor on that Street View image in the white box and you'll see the image shown below. Notice the green construction fence to your right where the Art Park (former east compound) is undergoing renovation. The blue fence to the left is in front of the sports stadium that is located in the area of the former west compound.

The really cool thing about Street View is that if you click ahead on that yellow line, you'll "drive" to that point. You can also turn 360 degrees and look at everything near your location.

For example, if you turn around from your starting point and then follow the yellow line south, you'll find yourself in front of the Caves (aka Lin Kou) bookstore where we used to buy all those good, inexpensive books, records and tapes.

If you turn around and head back north again (gawking left and right as you go, of course), you can go past the American Club (aka Club 63, aka China Seas).

If you find any other interesting spots, please share 'em!


titojohn said...

That is super cool! I can't believe all the 7-Elevens and McDonalds I saw while cruising around. Thanks

Misty said...

You can walk round a block in Taipei and there will be a 7-Eleven on every corner.

Here's the old BOT housing on Yangminshan:

Annoyingly a big chunk of Tienmu is missing but otherwise it is great to find something you recognise from the old days.

I found one of the old houses that was behind the Navy Hospital and shows in the Navy Hostpital picture on the blog.

I'll post some more later. Hope these links work.

Misty said...

More stuff I found.

Last of the US AID/MAAG era housing in Tienmu?

The Tienmu tree

Grave site of Gladys Aylward:

Victor said...

The old BOT housing in Tianmu. Perhaps the last one uphill?

And the white building in the following website, the Rehabilitation Center of Veterans General Hospital Taipei, is where the U.S. Naval Hospital was located.

I grew up in the neighborhood. The local kids were pretty happy with the withdrawal in 1979, because we thought after the Americans left, the Taiwanese government was going to give us the baseball diamond next to the Naval Hospital. Unfortunately, that didn't happen after all...