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Sunday, May 10, 2009

PRC-Taiwan Police Exchange?

This has nothing directly to do with USTDC, but I thought it might be of interest to other Taiwan vets.

There is a report that police officers from China may be stationed in Taiwan and police officers from Taiwan may be stationed in China. The Taiwan Crime Investigation Bureau says that they are moving in that direction but that there are no firm plans at this time. An article from the Taipei Times can be found at this link.

Some Taiwan bloggers have suggested that if such an exchange occurs then it would be just a matter of time before there were military exchanges as well, which could eventually lead to a Chinese domination of Taiwan without firing a single shot. Obviously this is a very controversial and complicated issue and such exchanges may not happen for a very long time, if at all.

I know that we Taiwan vets are from another time, but I think most of us would probably prefer to see a free and independent Taiwan that is recognized by other nations of the world as a sovereign state, free from outside interference by any other nation, including China. It's one thing to encourage closer ties between these two countries, but quite another to allow Chinese police officers to exercise legal authority over the good citizens of Taiwan.


titojohn said...

Gimo is probably turning over in his grave.

George said...

May he rest in "Peace" time! :)

sarj said...

I really hate to see this coming. You know it won't be Free China for very much longer.

JimSartor said...

Hate to say it but this is just the
camel getting his nose under the
tent flap.

It'll destroy Taiwan as we know it
in a short time.

Sure hate to see that.