Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Thursday, May 21, 2009

360 Degree Taipei Images

Sarj alerted me to a really neat website called It contains images from all over the world that are in a 360-degree format, meaning that the photographer stood in one spot and then turned around as he captured the images. You can use your mouse to turn each image by holding down the left key (on PCs) and dragging to the left, right, up or down. You can also use your arrow keys to do the same thing.

There are many of these images in the Taipei area, including the Taipei Artistic Park, where the East Compound used to be, the Taipei Fine Arts Museum near the spot where USTDC was located and the Taipei Story House, which is just to the west of the Art Museum.

Sung Shan Air Force Base is located at the airport at which most of us arrived in Taipei and from which we returned to the States or to our next overseas assignment.

Of course across the river from TDC was The Grand Hotel and just up the road from there is the Taipei Martyrs' Shrine.

You'll likely want to explore other parts of Taipei and the rest of Taiwan, as well as other cities around the world. I know I will.

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