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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Still Getting Around Taipei

Here are the rest of the most recent pictures from Dennis McNelis (1973-1974), with his comments. If motorcyclists put their lives on the line in Taipei traffic, imagine what the bicyclists must have endured. But they were everywhere and they weren't just for getting around either; they were often piled high with cargo.

Intersection of Min Quan E and Zhong Shan N.

Intersection of Min Quan E and Zhong Shan N. Look in the background and to the left and you will see one of the entrances to the tunnel that went under this intersection. It is the cement box that almost looks like a pill box.

I do not recall where this pic was shot.
[...but I really like this one because it sort of captures the "feel" of all those little side streets. --Don]


George said...

What system are they using to romanize the street names in Taipei today (on the actual signs). I see you use "Min Quan" and "Zhong Shan," have they switched to the Mainland PinYin or are they still using the old Wade-Giles from the 60's and 70's on the signs that I remember from my service?

Dennis said...

George, I use the street names from MSN Maps or Google Earth when I cross reference and confirm the locations. I usually can't remember the spelling from my TPE days (73 & 74). Google Maps is usually in Chinese and I do not read Chinese. I don't know what romanize system TPE is using these days.

Dennis McNelis

George said...


I believe Taiwan is still holding out and not adopting the Mainland Pinyin system. The streets would be Min Chuan and Chung Shan in the Wade-Giles system which was developed by Missionaries back in the 19th Century. One of the positive things about my service in Taiwan was that I began Mandarin lessons then and began learning characters as well.


Dennis said...

My admiration to you for taking Mandarin lessons George. I will try and use the Wade-Giles system in the future. After seeing your comments I recall that, that is how I remember the streets being spelled. Thanks for the info.

Dennis McNelis