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Monday, March 10, 2008

Still Getting Around Taipei

More of Dennis McNelis's photos from 1973-1974 Taipei:

Picture taken just after the park, heading onto Bei An road on the East Side of the Grand Hotel and just before the 63 Club (China Seas). If you look real hard, you can see the 63 Club (China Seas) in the background. According to MSN Maps, Bei An would be the road that the 63 Club (China Seas) was on. I don't ever remember using the name of the road to tell anyone where the 63 Club was. All you had to do was say the words "63 Club" and everyone knew, even the taxi drivers.

Believe this photo was shot somewhere in the area off of what MSN Maps show as 7th Ave. This would be one of the Shuang Cheng or Shin Sheng Streets that ran off of 7th Ave. 7th Ave ran south from the back gate of the East Compound. I don't remember it being called 7th Ave but that is what MSN Maps has it as and Google Earth has it in Chinese which I can't read.
[I'd like to add that those "tri-pickups" could carry a very large and heavy load. I remember seeing farmers hauling hogs to market on them. Don]

Same location as the above - one of the Shuang Cheng or Shin sheng Streets off of 7th Ave.

[Also, this small motorcycle was probably the most common type in Taipei, as I recall. Don]

I'll post the remainder of the pictures that Dennis sent in a day or so.

Thanks again, Dennis!


Misty said...

7th Avenue is Lin Sen Bei Lu. Same road as the Imperial Hotel. This whole area once was a Japanese residential district. A few of the Japanese townhouses survived until recently.

There is an old street market on Shuang Cheng Street and I think the start of the market is showing on one of the pics.

It is also bisected by De Hui (sounds like Hway not Huey) Street which is the notorious 'combat zone' drinking area.

Dennis said...

Misty, you are really on top of these pics and the locations. Thanks for filling in the gaps and/or confirming the locations.
Dennis McNelis