Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Return to Taipei

Kent Mathieu and Bill Kling are organizing a trip back to Taipei, tentatively scheduled for the summer of 2009. They're in the process now of scouting out the best transportation and hotel deals and will be posting that info at the new blog site that's been set up for the trip:

If you were stationed there and if you've ever thought about heading back to see how much the place has changed, this may be your best chance.


Anonymous said...

Any trip back to Taipei really should include at least one meal at one of the Mongolian BBQs that we used to love.

Also, perhaps a visit to the old Club 63.

Sorry we won't be able to join you.

Jim Sartor

Misty said...

To get into Club 63 (The American Club) you will need a member to sign you in as a guest.

I would advise contacting the ACC in advance and enquiring about a group visit explaining the purpose. They might be able to work something out.

Don said...

Jim: I probably won't be joining the group either. I think it would be an interesting visit, but I can't begin to justify spending the money.

Now, if the Taiwan government would be interested in sponsoring a group, including flights and hotels...well, then who could pass that up? ;-)

Misty: I wondered if the ACC might consider some sort of brief tour of the facility or something. I assume that the guys organizing the trip will be in touch with them.