Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Tien Mou -- More Photos

Dennis McNelis sent the Tien Mou photo from a couple of posts earlier, and he just provided these two as well, taken in the same neighborhood. I'm including his comments beside each photo.

Exact same location facing the opposite direction.

And yes the Mongolian BBQ is very near. Anyone hungry? I know I am. I used to frequent the Tien Mou Mongolian BBQ often. I loved it. I particularly liked the breads that were served with the BBQ. I remember stuffing the breads with the meat and vegetables. I suspect these pics where all taken right in front of the Mongolian BBQ


Anonymous said...

For those that may be having trouble locating this the exact position is:

25° 6'58.18"N

The shop on the right used to sell shoes if I remember correctly. There was also a photo studio where you could get film and slides (more common then) developed.

Bill said...

These pictures are fun. I am pretty sure that the walls on either side of the road have the New BOT housing behind them.
These pictures appear to be early 73 as I remember in early 74 the road wa paved much better and a lot less dust.
I also agree with anonymous in their comments about the stores.
I am wondering about this person a Taiwanese or an old vet?


John Hurst said...


I think the Mongolian BBQ place is the very same place I visited! I quickly noticed they used bowls, one for meat, and the other for vegetables. The cooks would cook it all down to fill one bowl when done.

Any yes, I remember the ‘flat’ bread rolls that came with the meal; we‘d stuff them and eat like an egg roll. I believe they ran a special on Tuesdays, at $2 per person, all you could eat. On several occasions, we would skip lunch and eat Mongolian BBQ in Tien Mou; my personal best was 6 bowls (3 cooked) – which was quite a bit for a small guy!

Anyway, what a great place; they even made orders to go; my boss would have parties at his house (old BOT housing) and would order a big pan for about $20. With fried rice on the side, we never went hungry!

Anonymous said...

Mongolian BBQ originated in Taiwan! Certainly it was around in the '50s and it figures that it developed from a style of cooking that the Japanese introduced.

The Tienmu one is probably the oldest now. There was also one down near Club 63 by the river in the mid 70's and they've been all over the place (world!) since then.

Those little breads are covered in sesame seeds and are quite heavy/greasy but VERY tasty.

Further down the road was a tailor that specialised in Chinese embroidery. You could get whatever you wanted stiched onto your jacket, your military unit, Taiwan map, dragon with your name on it in Chinese and English etc....

And yes that is the BOT housing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the memories. We lived in Taiwan '76-'78 and well remember the American compound. Especially the pics with the Navy Exchange and commisary. Wow.

Lacey said...

I used to go to the one near the 63 club. My wife has heard about those flat rolls with the seeds at least a hundred times. I remember that I went there with a Chinese girl and I mentioned to her something about the pen of dogs that they kept out back. She wondered if I had noticed that it was never the same dogs in the pen, from week to week. I was so naive. OMG. I was there Sep68 thru Dec 69.

B from Maryland said...

Wow, this is amazing. I went on a search to find the rolls we used to stuff our Mongolian BBQ in and I found this!
I have fond memories of both BBQ stands mentioned here . We lived near one as a child and Mom would send us with $20 to get dinner for the whole family! My Dad was stationed there twice. I wish I could find a recipe for the rolls.
B from Maryland