Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Heads Up (or Down)

I don't wish to be indelicate here, but I suppose no account of USTDC would be complete without mentioning the heads (navy & marines), latrines (army & air force) or restrooms (civilians) in the USTDC building. I seem to remember several other terms sometimes used but this is, after all, a family friendly blog so I won't mention any of them here.

I only recall two such facilities for males, one upstairs (2nd deck for navy & marines) which you accessed via the stairway (ladder for navy & marines), and one downstairs (1st deck for navy & marines). I can't say whether there were similar facilities for women working in the building, but I assume there must have been at least one somewhere.

About all I really recall about the two mens rooms is that the one downstairs didn't flush very well and the one upstairs took several flushes to work at all. I was more familiar with the downstairs facility because I worked on the first floor. Besides, the admiral and general worked upstairs and it didn't seem right to make them wait while I flushed the john a dozen times or more.

I have now written far more than I ever thought possible about the toilets of TDC and I promise not to write any more...unless I think of something really interesting, of course.


George said...

No matter how bad the USTDC "heads" were, the ones in the barracks in the East Compound were sickening. We avoided them as much as possible as half of them did not flush at all. I always tried to use the ones in the office or in the clubs.

Dennis said...

Don, I don't remember the heads at USTDC at all. I can't even remember going to one. I must have but I am drawing a blank. No pun intended.

George, new barracks in the East Compound where built after you left. My friend and eventual apartment mate stayed in them. They where very nice with wall to wall carpeting, two men to a room, with each room sharing a shower and toilet and very clean. The barracks where right next to the FAS dinning hall. I recall people talking about the old and new barracks. I stayed at the hostels in front of the East compound and it is my opinion that the barracks where actually nicer but they had more restrictions.