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Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Little Administrative Business

When you comment on any of the postings on this blog, you're free to write anonymously.

However, if you register when you post, then you can opt to automatically receive an email notification from whenever anyone else comments on that same post.

Because I own the blog, I'm notified when anyone writes a comment, no matter how old my original posting is. That's very helpful to me because a significant number of comments are made on things that I wrote several weeks or months ago.

Nobody, including me, ever sees your actual email address when you're a registered user.

One other thing: At the top of this blog is a search box. If you're looking for postings on any subject, just type in a key word or phrase and you'll be shown all postings that meet your search criteria. Also, every posting that I've made has one or more labels associated with it. You'll find a complete list of all those labels in the right-hand column, along with the number of postings.

1 comment:

Bill said...

Thanks for the info Don. It seemed to me that adding comments had become different in the last few days.

And thanks for your managing this blog, as you know I am not really a TDC person, but Taiwan in those days had all commands and personnel dealing with and enjoying many of the same things.

Likewise I enjoy seeing the stories and comments posted and reliving those great times.