Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Blue Goose

I've written previously about the USTDC Commander's aircraft that was commonly referred to as the Blue Goose.  As I recall, at least two different aircraft held that designation over the years.

Lawrence Marcum just sent me this newspaper clipping from 1976 that shows the aircraft and crew that were in place at that time.


Mike McQuiston said...

Hot damn - the good old days! Bill Wichman was the first aircraft commander of the Blue Goose, a VC-118B (131579) and retired in Taipei in 1975. I took over and flew with the crew until 1977 when our nose strut collapsed on takeoff in Taipei. The Navy struck the aircraft and I have been told the Chinese Air Force repaired it and it remained in service for a while longer. What a fantastic crew, and what wonderful times we had back then.

Mike McQuiston, Picolata, Florida

Don said...

When I was at TDC in J-1, I knew a guy named Don Ligon who, I believe, was a crew member. I don't recall whether or not he left before I did or if he was still around when you arrived.