Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Sunday, April 24, 2011

East Compound

Dennis McNelis sent another photo taken at the Headquarters Support Activity (HSA) east compound, sometime during 1973-74.  To your right is the Navy Exchange, which was located directly across the parking lot from the commissary.  At the far end is the library and theater.  What do you suppose they were doing with that big crane?


Anonymous said...

The crane was used to help build the new libary.

Jim said...

I recall the library being adjacent to the front of the East West theater. The crane looks closer to the location of the dining facility and Baskin-Robbins Shoppe that was built onto that end of the NEX sometime in the mid seventies. I also seem to remember that the China Lantern ran an article about a detachment of Seabees that came in (from Okinawa?) to build it.
BTW- That dining hall had a guy who could make a wicked patty melt!

Anonymous said...

I had the same reaction as Jim's. The library was always there, right next to the theater. But the east end of the BX building was redone sometime in the early 70s. It may have been a warehouse originally, but became the NEX cafeteria (Jim's dining hall -- and I too remember those patty melts) plus a small arcade that had the Baskin Robbins and maybe something else. The cafeteria was originally in the west compound near the bowling alley, before it was moved.

Dennis said...

Ok, I guess you guys are correct. I could have sworn that a new libary was built when I first arrived in Jul 1973. Man, how the memory fades. Thanks. Dennis