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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chung Shan N. Road -- 1973

Dennis McNelis and I served in Taipei during the same period (1973-1974).   I don't think we ever met in those days, though it's likely that we saw each other from time to time.  Unlike me, Dennis took a lot of photos of the area in those days and I've posted several of them here in the past.  He is now in the process of scanning his collection of color slides from that period and I'll likely be posting some of them here also as they become available in the weeks ahead.

Today's image was taken during July, 1973.  It was taken from the south end of the old bridge on Chung Shan North Road.  You're facing southwest and the area behind the billboards is where the zoo was located.  Note that one of the signs is advertising Royal Crown Cola.

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Tuan said...

Royal Crown Cola was from America?! OMG, I never knew! Back in the days, there were a few soft drinks, Hey Sung Cola (黑松可樂), Royal Crown Cola (榮冠可樂), Apple Cider (蘋果西打). I never liked RCC, thought it tasted like cough syrup. I always thought RCC was manufactured and marketed by Taiwan's Veterans Service, because the name 榮 gave me that impression. Really surprised to know America also has RCC too. But it's not a very popular product in American market, is it?