Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Quarters "A" Interior Photos

Last September I wrote about Quarters A, the official residence of the admirals who commanded the U.S. Taiwan Defense Command.   Patricia Linder's husband, RADM James Linder, was the last USTDC Commander and she wrote extensively about the place in her excellent book, "The Lady and the Tiger."

Mrs. Linder has kindly provided these great photographs showing the interior of the house as it appeared during the late 1970s.  She wrote, "As the wife of the TDC Commander, I was privileged to live in Quarters A on Yangmingshan Mountain.  Not only was it architecturally beautiful, it provided the warmth of a real home.  Good friendships were formed during the many dinners that characterized the social aspect of my husband's command of TDC.  We left with cherished memories."

This last photo shows Hogo (the quarters houseboy) and a guard standing at the entrance gate to the residence.


sarj said...

This is the same residence that Melson lived in '62 '64. I recognize the living room area. There are quite a few shots of the living room but 5h3 5th photo from the top shows the area where I took the photo of the oil painting that is seen on The deco was a little different but that'[s the quarters . Stev should confirm too because he was there more than I was.

George said...

Visited the Gentner residence with the US Dragon Dance Team in March 1965. I believe we had tea on the patio. Nice view if I recall correctly. Don't remember entering the residence though.

Stev said...

I remember Adm. and Mrs. Smoot as very gracious people, but I don't remember much about the interior of the house. As George said, the view from outside overlooking Taipei was very nice. I don't remember going through a gate to get to the house. Maybe it was always open when I was there.