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Sunday, November 7, 2010

American Footsteps in Taiwan

Another find by TitoJohn:  This is a small portion of the American Footsteps in Taiwan exhibit being displayed this year in Taiwan.


Puli said...

All of the assistance from USA after WWII is highly appreicated.

Would you please let me know the address of the place for this exhibition and the date/time available?

I'll make an advertisement to the Taiwanese people who should know the truth of history after WWII.

Thanks a lot.

Don said...


It runs through 30 November. I think there may be a similar presentation in Taipei sometime in December.

Follow this link:

Anonymous said...


AIT-Taipei will be posting an announcement for the American Footsteps in Taiwan exhibition scheduled to open on 17 Dec 2010 to 24 Jan 2011. The American Footsteps in Southern Taiwan is currently in Tainan at the Koxinga Museum. It will close down at the end of November. Please see this link


Puli said...

TO: Don and Scott,

Thanks for the great information.

God bless USA & Taiwan.

Puli said...

I'll visit this exhibition in Tainan this week with my friends who are from Southern Taiwan but did not know about this display.

Anyway, it is very important to the people of Taiwan.

Most of old Taiwanese people born before WWII passed away and many memories were gone with them.

Audrey Deng

Puli said...

Did he meet the ghost of Japanese soldier?

A few years ago, a man of middle-ager in Pu-li took a walk near a lake , Li-Yui Lake, many high mountains around the lake and there was a Japanese military camp located in somewhere of the mountains before WWII ended. This man lost his way and disappeared for few days. Then, few days later, he returned home and told his family what he saw and where he went.

He said he lost his way in the mountains and found a military camp, then someone walked close to him and he lost his mind soon. When he woke up, he found himself sleeping on the road side near the lake and had lost his memory.

The people in pu-li said that this man must meet the ghost of Japanese soldier.

Really? I don't think so.

By Audrey Deng

sarj said...

More stuff is showing up on YOUTUBE about Taiwan and I just love it. I use google chrome for a browser and it will translate from Chinese to English so I can determine what some of the titles are.
There is a lot of videos about independence and of course I think we all feel this is good for Taiwan and the only reasonable thing that should happen.

Don said...

Puli, please contact me by email at:


kevin said...

I got to see American Footsteps in Taiwan this past july and it was wounderfull to see the assistance we gave the people of Taiwan and many Taiwneese friends and students had no idea of it