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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Best Places to Eat (off topic)

One of the links on the right side of the blog is to a website called "A Hungry Girl's Guide to Taipei."

In the latest entry, the author has published her "2nd Annual Best of Taipei Restaurants" survey.  If you live in Taipei, plan to visit Taipei, or just remember all the great food that was served in Taipei when you were there, I'm sure you'll enjoy her selections, all of which were based on reader input.

Bon Appetit!


Added Entry said...

Off the topic -- but this reminded of a neighborhood restaurant in Tien Mu. They had a sign that advertised "Mongolian BBQ" and in smaller letters "peanut butter sandwiches too". I loved that sign. And the Taiwan beer of course, the first time we went there (several people) -- we all ordered a beer. You can imagine our surprise when all the huge bottles arrived!

And does anyone remember the name of the Mongolian BBQ that was on the top floor of a building in Taipei. Huge place with a glassed off cooking area. Wonderful little soft bread sesame rolls to shove the beef into. And cut up oranges for dessert. The building had a floor or two with tourist items -- totally full of stuff, but never any customers when I was there in the early mid 70's.

Don said...

Added Entry, you're no doubt referring to the Tien Mou location shown in this post:

Also, there's a picture of the kitchen at this post: