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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hirohito Bridge Pieces

A couple of days ago I asked if anyone had photos of the remains of the old "Hirohito Bridge" that I heard was stored somewhere near the river. I received two responses:

Victor provided a link to this photo.

And Misty sent a link to this photo. As he pointed out, note the "bridge to nowhere" to the right of the bridge pieces. They apparently stopped construction sometime ago and it's looked like this ever since. It would be interesting to know what the story behind it is.


Misty said...

I found the article about the bridge:

Fascinating to learn that the granite used in the bridge was imported from Japan.

petercpg said...

The traffic is really complicated there, which made serious traffic jam during rush hours.

There are many bridges of Chungshan in the area as below:
1. Original Chungshan (Hirohito) - after typhoon Nari's strike, the bridge was registered as a historical construction and tore down at 2002/12 into pieces for reconstruction somewhere else, but it is not yet determined where to rebuild. In the image, the place of piers was Tzai-chun swimming pool, also closed at 1992.

2. Chungshan 2nd - west of Chungshan bridge, built circa 1994, and was mainly tore down 2007 Chinese new year's eve with only north ramp left, which is the "bridge to nowhere" in the picture.
Currently the ramp is connected to the western exit of Shin-sheng express way and became a part of expwy.

3. New Chungshan - built by 2007, from the original south ramp of Chungshan 2nd bridge to the original north exit of Chungshan provisional bridge, which is next to the entrance of Grand Hotel under the hill.