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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bridge Construction Sign

Regular contributor John Quinn sent me this link on Google Maps. He wrote, "Here's how the area looks on Google Maps: Chungshan (Hirohito) Bridge Project. Perhaps one of our Chinese friends can interpret what the construction sign says."

Any volunteers?

Here's the image at the link:


Victor said...

What I can barely read is as follows.
Construction Name: Demolition of Chungshan Second Bridge, and Reconstruction of the Northern Exit of the Overpass
Date of Work: July/1/2008 - Feb/16/2010

Don said...

The following was from David, a friend of Sarj Bloom's:

"This is a public notice. It says that Department of Transportation of Taipei City is underway to tear down Chung-Shan No. 2 Bridge and to improve the surrounding traffic route. I don't know which bridge is this. May be there's a No.1 bridge and a No. 2 bridge, or, there had been a No. 1 bridge and was torn down so the existing one is the No. 2 bridge? Sometimes we Chinese have a little different logic reasoning than Westerners.

I just called my dad to ask him about this Taipei DOT project. My dad said DOT has done the work (he think this picture were taken during 2008) and now if you are coming from Tien-Mu on Chung-Shan N. Rd and heading toward Florida Bakery then you will have to stay on the right after old Ming-Trang Girls College (it is an university now!) and take the new road next to the old public swimming pool. Remember there was a public swimming pool next to the bridge? It is gone! And the old motorcycle lane next to the swimming pool (used to packed with motorcycles) has been widened to accomodates Chung-Shan N. Rd. traffic from Tien-Mu. If you stay on the center lane then you will be going up the new overpass (or, birdge) to Shin-Sheng N. Rd Express Way (Remember the old express way built on top of Shin-Sheng N. Rd.?) and fly over to Ming-Tsu E. Rd. or Ming-Sheng E. Rd. and so on. It is relieving lots of traffic onto the express way to main Taipei business district (east side of Taipei). I am guessing Chung-Shan No. 2 maybe the old Yun-Shan Bridge but I am not sure. I did not go outside of Tien-Mu often when I was in Taipei last month and even when I did I was always taking public buses. I would have noticed all the changes if I had been driving or riding motorcycles."

Anonymous said...

This green note mentions nothing about reassembling the Hirohito Bridge. I wonder if the city government ever plans to do so, so good-bye to this beautiful piece of art.