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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Typhoon Amy Article

I've written a few times about typhoons that have hit Taiwan. If you enter the word "typhoon" in the search box at the upper left of this page, you should find all of those pieces.

Sarj Bloom recently sent this article from the Pacific Stars and Stripes, dated sometime in September 1962 with some photos that were taken during typhoon Amy. Some of these images were posted here previously.

You can see a short British Pathe' news film from 1962 about typhoon Amy at this link.

As bad as Amy was, twelve months later, in September 1963, came typhoon Gloria, which was the strongest typhoon to hit Taiwan at that time. However, there have been other, even stronger storms in the years since, with this year's typhoon Morakot being the deadliest in Taiwan's history.

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George said...

I believe Gloria was the largest to hit Northern Taiwan up until then as it caused severe flooding in 1963. I remember wall plaques all over with highwater flood marks above the first or second floor in all of the HSA compound areas. The journalist who wrote the Stars and Stripes article, Andrew Headland Jr., came to our office often and I clearly remember him picking up his mail there. The Stars and Stripes Office was located just behind the HSA Admin Office somewhere near the bowling alley and cafeteria. Funny how an old newspaper clipping can trigger memories.