Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Monday, September 7, 2009

Chinese New Year 1966

I found this British Pathe' film footage from 1966. The scenes were apparently never used in any of their newsreels and there is no sound, but it contains footage of a number of private and public Chinese new year celebrations that I thought you might find interesting.


Misty said...

You should hopefully recognise the location where the dragon dance is taking place. It's right next to the President Hotel on De Hui St and the corner of Lin Sen Bei Lu.

The little temple in the film was rebuilt on the same spot and is now quite impressive.

Google maps link:

Notice all the Tailors are still in this area.

George said...

Well, well. Amazing to see myself on film after all these years. We had an American Team made up of volunteers. I was one of the three tall skinny guys on the front end of the dragon, but I can't quite see myself clearly in the clip. I do recognize some of the others who were my buddies at the time. Quite a surprise and remember it well.

George said...

Here's a USTDC tie-in for this film. Following the New Year Celebrations in 65 - 66 our Sino-American Dragon Dance Team was invited to Vice Admiral Gentner's YangMingShan House for afternoon Tea and Sandwiches. I think we felt somewhat out of place, but it was just another experience back in the day.

Don said...

Very cool, George. That must have been quite a treat.